From our patients:

Dear Dr. Kang,
In my opinion, you exemplify the perfect combination of competence and caring that all dental patients are looking for. Thank you for making my root canal go so smoothly.
Sincerely, Judy S.

Dear Dr. Kang,
Thank you so much for the thorough treatment you gave to me. My tooth is feeling oh so much better – and loved! I am so happy that you were tenacious with that stubborn canal and didn’t let it win. Thank you again – and your staff as well. I appreciate each of you.
Kathy C.

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From our doctors:

“Having Dr. Kang to support our patients’ endodontic needs mean you have an honest partner who will do her best to take care of them like they are your family members. She is careful to only perform what is needed and in the best interest of her patients, and not treat them as a ‘procedure’. She would rather not waste your time and resources on a tooth that has poor prognosis that will fail in the near future. Once the proper diagnosis is determined and deemed to be worth saving, she will take her time to manage your patient carefully and thoroughly without rushing.”
Dr. Lee

I have had the opportunity to work with quite a few specialists during my 37 years of practicing dentistry. Having made that connection with these specialists, I developed a deep feeling of admiration and respect for several of them. One of the specialists I made that connection with was Dr. Pei Kang. I worked with Dr. Kang for a number of years and hold her in the highest regard. One of the things that made her special to me, the referring dentist, was her willingness to take the time to consult with me concerning each of my patients. She was very thorough in evaluating the best treatment with the best prognosis for each particular case. However, the most important thing to my patients was her kind and gentle demeanor. Every patient I referred to Dr. Kang came back to my office with only the kindest of words about their experience of having a root canal done by her. She is truly a very special person as well as an excellent endodontist.
Sylvia Gleaton, D.D.S.