The Missing Pieces in my Thanksgiving

I want to share a little bit of my personal journey today. I was reflecting on my attitude over the years and learned I have been grateful for the good stuff ONLY.

So what did I do with the stuff I didn’t like?  

1. I put them on a “WISH LIST”
I so wish I didn’t have an accent;
I so wish China wasn’t a poor country when I grew up;
I so wish I had a chance to exercise more business and leadership gifts;
And the list goes on….

2. Other stuff I didn’t like? I put them in a “Blame Box” – Like a boom box, it’s always on in my self-talk, and occasionally I turned it up loud to let people know about it
“How come YOU DIDN’T…”
“YOU are the reason why I have to…”
“My confidence was zapped because of these things that happened to me”
And I get creative on this list too….

Then I realized, besides the talents I ignored, like leadership and communication, I possess these gifts and opportunities BECAUSE of my background –
I have a unique perspective on things;
I have deep compassion for people, which helps me tremendously in life and business;
I know the two languages that the majority of the population speak 🙂
I have an understanding for the struggles of dentists’ and business owners;
And guess what, I can get creative on this list, as well…


Happy Thanksgiving! Let this be a day of gratitude, forgiveness and reconciliation.

The Missing Pieces in my Thanksgiving-dr pei kang alliance endodontics