THE BEST Love Story

(For privacy reasons, names and actual dates are disguised)

I’ve seen Edna, a petite, elderly lady, more than once for her dental needs. She speaks clearly, but her voice is a bit weak. One of her two children always accompanies her, especially because she seems to have some memory issues.

I was very impressed with Edna’s two grown children. I saw lots of love and respect from the way they interacted with their aging mother. Sadly and too often, I have met many disrespectful adult children.

I started a conversation with Edna when her son left to wait in the reception area. I complimented her on how well she raised her kids. Edna had a big smile and said: “My grandkids are the same way”.

She then started talking about her recently deceased husband. It was 1953, young Edna was working as a telephone operator. On January 3rd, her coworker asked her for a favor – to take over a call. Little did she know, the young soldier on the other end of the line, Johnny,would ask Edna for a date for that very evening. Edna and her co-worker went on a double date with Johnny and his friend. Long story short, Edna got married with Johnny after ONLY TWO WEEKS of dating, and her co-worker later married Johnny’s friend after a year.

My assistant and I thought that was such a cute love story. Little did I know, I was about to hear more from her son.

After the procedure, I reiterated some post-op information to her son Dave. I also said, “Your mom told me the story of how she and your father met!” What Dave shared next almost brought me to tears. Dave said: “You know what’s more amazing? Toward the end of dad’s life, he promised mom he would give her 60 years. And sure enough, dad passed away on January 3rd, 2013, exactly 60 years from that very fateful day.”

I consider this the best love story. Of course I don’t know how their 60 years went, but the legacy of Johnny’s commitment to his wife is apparent in his children and grandchildren.

Sometimes we find ourselves spending more time deciding, rather than doing. And, because of the choices available to us today, we often have a tendency to “wait… so I won’t miss a better one”. Les Brown once said: “You need to make a commitment, and once you make it, then life will give you some answers.”

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